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Hey Everyone~

I love this idea to dedicate some effort towards breast cancer. This has touched two members of my family (g-ma on my mom's side and my great aunt also on the same side), both last year; one very aggressive and one mild. Both women had a breast removed and the one with aggressive cancer (g-ma) had to take a few months of chemotherapy. I am at high risk for getting breast cancer.

I never checked my breasts. It was one of those things that I always "meant to do" but would just forget. It bothered me, but again, I still didn't do it. Shamefully, I didn't even start checking my breasts after I learned that g-ma had breast cancer. Well, good thing we have that saying, "Better late than never". I found this site and haven't looked back since then. They have visual demonstrations (like a real woman) to show different methods of breast self examinations. They have a print out (which I've been filling out) to write down comments and make sketches of any changes you notice with your breasts. They also have an email reminder that you can sign up for, which I've done as well.

This is an idea that I was saving for later in the year, for this group. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I'm fine with doing it early too. I will be knitting the booby scarf from It will be pink. I can't wait for people to say that it doesn't look like my style. I can say that it's not, but I wear it for sentimentality and purpose. "Oh really, what for...?" Anyway, here's the link for the scarf that I am going to knit: Booby Scarf

I look forward to seeing what everyone else is going to make. Great idea Deni!!



I changed my mind...

Beldaraan's project idea got me thinking about next months knit a long, and in a way, we're going with her idea.

Please check out this link:

Karen is a wonderfully talented artist that's been featured on the Carol Duvall show quite a few times, and other shows as well I think. She's been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and her prognosis isn't very good. I have been very moved by her story, and have been following her blog for quite sometime.

So, here's what I'd like to do. I'd like to honor her, and other breast cancer victims by having a LOT of knitters knit up pink scarves to further raise awareness about breast cancer. I'd also like to have everyone submit pictures, and have some of them sent to Karen as special gifts to let her know that we care about this very important issue.

Here are a few guidelines for the scarves:
1. You may chose any pattern you wish, any yarn you wish. The only rule is that it has to be a shade of pink or purple. I'm saying purple is OK, because I believe Karen is a fan of purple. :)
2. There are lots of patterns out there for breast cancer awarness scarves, I'll provide links/book names later.
3. You don't *have* to submit your yarn to be sent to Karen, but I'd be tickled *pink* if you do.
4. The scarves need to be completed by April 1, 2005, and pictures need to be sent to to be sent to Karen.
5. I'm gently asking if everyone can persuade 2 friends to join this knitalong and 5 friends to talk to their doctor about breast cancer.

I'd like to see as many folks join this knit a long as possible, so please help me with accomplishing this goal!

There were still be an alternate project for March for the more advanced knitters, but this is a GREAT project for you advanced folks to get 'newbies' involved in. Talk to your church group, your LYS, other blogs/forums you read, the PTA, your mom, your aunt, your sister, your 3rd cousin twice removed. And even your husbands! Guys knit, too.

Don't feel like knitting a scarf? Knit something else pink!


I have size 2 DPNs!

Hey everyone!

How are you guys doing with your socks? I haven't seen any posts lately :(.

Let me say a big THANK YOU to beldaraan, amigarabita, and heldegard for making it to the chat last night, we had SO much fun. I hope that the rest of you can make it next time!!! I hope to set up a special day and time just for the knitalong folks, as well as the weekly chat. Let me know what days and times are good for you.

Eleanor was so sweet to send me a set of size 2 DPN's so I can FINALLY get started on these socks. I'm so excited, so a big thank you to her as well.

I'm taking 'votes' for next months KAL (knitalong) project...any ideas? I'm looking for a beginner-intermediate project for next month that is pretty quick to do. If we pick a good one, maybe we can fit in two next month! Post your vote in the comments section of this entry if you have any ideas!



Hello---Ello----Ello---Lo (ECHO)

Kind of quiet around here, so thought I'd try and stir up some comments. How's everyone doing with the socks? Sadly, I haven't started mine. Even more sadly is that I haven't knit anything in the past few days. My friend lent me some Rowan mags and I look at them all night, after my son goes to bed, and think dreamily of knitting those gorgeous sweaters and then getting tons of compliments on them.

/blissful sigh
Anyway, I have to finish my current project soon as it's for Valentine's. I "will" be starting Mark's socks soon.


Giving Up

I have started over 4 times! I have enough stress in my life without worrying about a knitting project. I think I need to stick to sweaters and mittens, and other stuff that uses normal size needles and yarn. Good luck girls; I can't wait to see more pictures!